Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bailey Goes to Utah

Last week Kelly and I took Bailey to Utah to visit Grandma and Grandpa Warner and to attend Angel Sadie's viewing. It's one of the first trips to Utah that did not end in someone being sick - ooops - that's not right. Bailey got an ear infection two days after we got home. Anyway, the weather was great. There were a couple great thunder storms (which I crave) and all our visits were great. We indulged twice in a Caramel Cashew Concrete. I'm so happy we don't have those here. They are truly the treat of the gods.

Here's how Bailey fared in Utah.

Finding some serious TP entertainment five minutes after entering hotel room

Taking a foot bath - a daily routine!

A princess poses on her throne.

Taking a dip into the icy water at Sugarhouse Park

Hanging around at the park

Lunch at Training Table with Balmforth cousins, Jaxson and Lydia

Cousin Ryan and Bailey - two of the cutest kids ever!

Seriously taking notes on Ryan's escape techniques!!

So happy to see Grandma and Grandpa Warner! Bailey, showing off her goofy grin.

Bailey - still with goofy grin - loving Nanna's lap.

Looking a little shy on handsome Grandpa's lap.

Getting a love from Grandma.

Playing Grandma's piano. Goofy grin alive and well.

Such visits really make us miss our family in Utah. The invite is always open for visits to San Diego. Please come!!