Saturday, April 17, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I don't feel in the least embarrassed or sad that haven't kept up on my blog. I live in the real world and that world doesn't have even a smidge of extra time in it right now. However, I do miss keeping up on the reading of my favorite blogs. I'm optimistic that summer will bring sunshine, vacations, and extra time.

Of course, it would be Bailey who is the subject of my first...and probably for awhile. I have to share some of her outrageous language to document just what can come out of her little 2-year-old mouth. So, here's a list of some of her latest:

1. She got in trouble (not an unusual thing for her) the other day and was put in her room. She called out, "Mom....MOM.....MOM!!!" for a minute or so. When Kelly didn't answer, she said, "Fine! I go shopping with Melly (Lindsay)!!"

2. Kelly and Lindsay got her ice-cream tonight, which she enhaled. When she got home, she started hitting up PaPa (Mark) for his ice-cream. He said, "Ok, just one bite." She answered, "Two bites, Papa!" When he came back with, "Only one", she said, "Just a tiny one??????"

3. I bought her a "Princess Dress" in New York. When I gave it to her, she immediately had to put it on. Then she slapped her hands on her cheeks and said,"Oh my goodness!! It's adorable!"

4. Every night when she gets ready for bed, I ask her, "What does Nanna love about you?". Her reply (and I'm not kidding) is, "My mitochondria!" (I use to tell her I loved all of her cells, including her mitochrondria).

5. She was begging for attention the other night. When she was ignored (for only a minute, mind you) she said, "Fine! I'll just go to sleep!" Then, proceeded to flop herself down on the sofa.

6. This was our conversation at bathtime last night:

Me: What are you doing with your shovel, Bailey?
Bailey: I'm making birthday cake. (She was "mixing" the water.)
Me: What kind of cake are you making? Chocolate or vanilla?
Bailey: It's "trawberry".
Me: What will be on top your cake?
Bailey: Mater(Cars)and presents
Me: What kind of presents do you want?
Bailey: Princess dresses and toys
Then she picked up her doll and started washing it.
Bailey: I wash da baby's ears, eyes, mouth and bum-bum.

7. She is OBSESSED with shoes. Last week Kelly was in Limited trying on some shirts. In the dressing room next to her was a lady with red, patent leather spiked heels. Bailey looked under the door and said, "Shoes.....I try em on!!"

8. At dinner the other night she told Papa, "I need my hand."

9. Every morning she climbs into bed with me and says,"Under the cover, Nana. Read me a book."

10. Tonight I was finishing up some preparation on a salad and didn't hear the call for prayer. Bailey, ever-so-sweetly, said, "Nana, it's prayer. Fold arms."

As you can tell, she keeps us in stitches. I ordered a girl...and boy did I get one. She insists on wearing bows, high heels, and a tutu or princess dress every day. She attended her first dance class on Tuesday. She's only two and the class is for 2 1/2year-olds, but she was a star. As we left, she cried out, "Nooooo...don't want to go. I'm a princess/ballerina!!!" Finally, I got a girly-girl and I'm loving every minute of it.