Monday, May 25, 2009


Don't mistake this for a student.....I promise it's a teacher!

Every time I hear a student complain about finals, I offer to trade straight across -I'll take the final IF they grade all 200. No takers so far. As I look at the weary faces of my students, I imagine they are seeing something similar in my face. Teaching four classes this semester has humbled me. I can't remember a week that I didn't have stacks of papers to grade. It's kinda like cleaning the house - the minute I finish one room, it's time to start on the next. I can't ever get ahead. I've spent so much time sitting around grading that I've gained weight. I'm too tired to exercise. And, I'm so busy most of my meals come from someplace with a drive-through. I think grading is becoming a health hazard!

I give my last finals tomorrow morning. One last stack to grade and I'll be paper-free until September. Sounds like heaven. Some of my students have said, "Come on, you know you'll miss us." I actually will miss some of them. Others I sincerely hope to forget. But, I'll NEVER miss grading papers.

Good-bye red pens
Good-bye blue
Good-bye grade sheets
Good-bye you.

Hello sun and hello beach
Hello nights with extra sleep
Hello days with nothing due
Hello me and good-bye school!

Until Fall........


  1. You are a poet and didn't know it....I am so happy for you that your semester is done. I know it has been hard, but as usual, you get through it and are still the BEST teacher on the planet!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! I never thought of finals from the professor's side. What a nightmare! I'm glad you're blogging again--it's been awhile!

  3. Hey you're back. I'm glad it's over for you. Sounds like a nightmare. I was just thinking the other day, why my kids teachers make them do all of these crazy projects that they then just have to grade! My kids are in school for almost another month! YUCK, I'm ready for it to be over.