Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's Get This Out of the Way First

I'm sensitive about names. I think parents who name their children odd names should be arrested for child abuse. No "Sunshine Peaches" or "Cowboy Spurs" or "Misty Rivers" or "Lyndzee" or "Makealle" for me! I go for the most simple spelling of the most simple names. And, no, I don't care if there are 10 kids in the neighborhood with the same name.

Growing up a PANDY will do that to you. I have to repeat my name MANY times before somone gets it....and then they usually don't. My life is constantly complicated by my name. Take ordering pizza, for example. Here's how it goes....."Hello, I'd like to order a pizza for delivery". "Okay, can I have your name?". "Sure, it's Pandy."
"OK, Candy......... "No, I said Pandy, with a P, like candy, with a P." "No problem, Sandy........" Anyway, you get my drift.

Mail is a whole other story. One day my daughters, Kelly and Lindsay, and I decided we would write down every name that had appeared on my mail in the past 10 years. Here's an abbreviated list: Panzy, Panby, Panelpy, Pandpee, Penelope, Paudy, Pauly,
Pansey, Paneldy, and, my personal favorite, PANTY. This, of course, is only a partial list. I think we came up with over 25 names.

If I thought I could remember it, I'd probably change my name. Ann sounds pretty good...or maybe Mary. I just hope my children, KELLY, JON, and LINDSAY appreciate that they didn't end up, "Jermajesty" or "Sweet Cheeks".


  1. Good point. Don't change your name--you are totally a Pandy. I hope Luke appreciates being one of 3 Lukes in his kindergarten class. I thought I was being so glad you started a blog--it's about time!