Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ten Things...

I love New Year's resolutions. As a matter of fact I love them so much I keep the same ones every year. Lose weight (the goal ranges from 10-40 pounds), work on my genealogy, organize my school files, exercize every day (cough, cough)and finish some project (they vary) are among the standards. I've decided to be much more realistic this year. I need to feel successful. So this is what I'm aiming for in no particular order:

1. Watch more TV. It relieves stress.
2. Drink a little more Diet Pepsi. No explanation necessary.
3. See more movies and eat more popcorn. It relieves stress.
4. Play more with Bailey. A hardship, of course. And, it relieves stress.
5. Cook less. It cost money and is not prudent in this economy.
6. Read more books, especially those that aren't mentally taxing - like Twilight.
7. Give more multiple choice tests. I love those scantron machines.
8. Shop more for Bailey. The stress thing, of course.
9. Stop visiting teaching. It bothers the sisters I teach.
10. Clean house less. Wait, I don't clean house at all....ditch that.

It's just a start, but I'm bouying myself up and feel positive that this time next year, I'll be feeling pretty proud of myself. That's what really matters, isn't it?


  1. That's what I like the most about are realistic. I know for sure you will be able to accomplish everyone of those goals...I am here to support!

  2. I LOVE that list. I'm going to make one of my own. My only goal for 2009 is to cover stuff in the microwave. I have very low standards.