Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a Little Bit Country

I grew up with that awful D-I-V-O-R-C-E country music and I hated it. To this day I cringe when I hear Bluegrass or old country music. I'm talking about Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and June whats-her-name??? Oh yeah...Carter.

So, after 18 long years of being tortured by that "throw yourself off a bridge" kind of music, I swore never to listen to it again. I held true to that until about 5 years ago. First, it was Kenny Chesney, then a little Garth Brooks, and finally came Rascall Flatts. And, soon I was converted. I don't, however, put them in the same category as those other old timers. My favorite songs by Kenny Chesney aren't really even country. They're more like island music. So, I guess I'm a semi-convert.

A couple of years ago Shelly (my good friend) and I decided to take our girls to Vegas to see Flatts in concert. It was a great trip and we loved the concert. So, when I saw they were coming to San Diego, I thought it would be a great night out for the "girls". We got great tickets and took off about 5:00 for the trek to Chula Vista (or, as we say, Chulaveesta). The traffic was horrible and we couldn't find anywhere to eat, so it was a quick stop at the TB, then on to Cricket Amphitheater.

Let me pause here to say that the trip alone, with Kelly and Lindsay jabbering the whole way, was worth the price of the tickets. If there's one thing that our Warner Women share it's love for a good belly laugh. An hour trip with them is sure to bring on some serious hee-hawing. Last night did not disappoint.

Jessica Simpson was the opening act and, of course, we couldn't wait to see her to check out how fat she was. Trust me, that's where the interest ended. When she came out,the first thing we said was, "She's got great legs!" Unfortunately we saw about as much of her other parts as her legs(note photo). About 10 minutes into her performance we all decided it was time for her to SHUT UP! It wasn't that her singing was so bad, it was just that we didn't go to see HER. She really is quite dumb sounding and I found myself getting a little embarrassed for her. I was happy to see her walk off the stage. (Oh, yeah.....she's a little chubby, but nothing to support all the hooplah!)

THEN, Rascall Flatts came out with a bang. They were amazing. The stage was electric. The music was flawless. They are masters at playing the crowd. It was everything we hoped. Only one was outside and it was 48 degrees! That's serious cold for wimpy San Diegans. Nevertheless, it didn't dampen our spirits one bit.

So, the concert was great. But, what I really enjoyed was spending time with my girls. I'm all for chalking up memories and this is one I'll have for a long time.
Twenty years ago I would have thought it impossible to be sitting in a country music concert with two beautiful daughters. Life is full of great surprises and for that I am grateful.


  1. Mama Pandy...
    Just had to let you know... Sadie saw the picture of Rascal Flatts and got a big grin. We love Rascal Flatts too, and she was just absolutely THRILLED to find out that her Warner pals like them! Glad you survived the frigid cold. ;)
    We miss you and love you!
    Love, Pug

  2. I can not even tell you how much fun it was and the company was the best. It did my heart and soul "good" to get out and spend some quality time with my favorite ladies. What a great present!!! We must do this again!

  3. What a fun momma you are. We've all said it a thousand times, but it's so true. It's those little moments that will stay with you all forever! Isn't it nice that you like your family.

  4. I love Rascal Flats and country music. Sam just bought us tickets to see Kenny Chesney this summer. The tickets cost an arm and a let and I don't care. I was dying to see Sugarland (my new favorite group) and they are opening for Chesney. I wish I could have gone with the three of you. All three of you are so much fun and I'm glad to see you are still patronizing Taco Bell!

  5. Brooke -
    Lindsay and I saw Kenny Chesney a few years ago and loved him! I think I like him even more than Flatts. I might have to check out Sugarland. As I said, I'm just getting on the country music bandwagon, so I appreciate recommendations.

    You'll have a great time at the concert!

    By the way, we would have loved having you with us.

  6. I agree with everyone else--that sounds like such a blast. Even if you did have to drive to Chulaveesta--the city of my birth! Thanks for the lowdown on Jessica. And I love Kenny too--he's my fav.