Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a Little Jealous

Lindsay has had an exciting couple of weeks. First, she was forced, at her doctor's request, to move from her apartment. Seems Lindsay and mold don't get along. That left her with less than two weeks to find another apartment and/or a roommate. Then, on Friday her Nordstrom's store manager told her there was a assistant manager's job opening at Fashion Valley in the jewelry department AND asked if she was interested. It's the opportunity she's been waiting for, so she didn't hesitate for a minute. With no interview or forewarning, she got a call on the next Friday from her current manager telling her that she had been offered the job. So, on Monday she became assistant manager of the fourth largest jewelry department in the Nordstrom's chain. She gets to tell people what to do, so she loves it.

Still, there was the apartment issue. She spent hours on the internet and we spent hours looking, but not much was happening. The places I would let her live in she couldn't afford. Rent here is ridiculous!!! Finally, last week Jon recommended a place near him in Mission Valley. We both loved it the minute we saw it. It doesn't look like an apartment complex, it looks like a resort. She got a one bedroom with a balcony and it's perfect for her.

I'm happy for her, but I couldn't help but think of the first apartment Mark and I had in Provo. It was probably about 500 square feet and had one bedroom, a living area, and a kitchen in a hallway. We used a card table and decorated with plywood and cinder blocks. We thought we were in heaven.

Lindsay's apartment complex has two pools, a hot tub, two gyms, a clubhouse, a grocery store, a spa, a couple of restaurants, a technology center, and a partridge in a pear tree. They provide cooking classes twice a week, an outdoor movie every Saturday night, a nutritionist, and every kind of workout class you can imagine. Her apartment is decorated to the hilt with furniture she bought a few years ago. Her balcony faces a courtyard with soothing fountains and tropical vegetation that could rival any resort I've ever seen.

I'm waiting for her to leave town so I can stay in her apartment. It's much nicer than my house.

Yes, I'm just a little jealous.


  1. I'm so happy for Lindsay. So many things are changing, but all of them are for the better. WOW! When I need a break from the kiddos, I may just drive down to her resort and hang out in the parking lot. The parking lot alone looks like paradise.

  2. Wow, sounds amazing! How cool that she got the sweet promotion, too. She should be on The OC or something! Sounds like a dreamy life--and a huge upgrade from my ghetto duplex!

  3. Lindsay deserves all of the good things coming her way. I am jealous of her new digs. When I was single (and first married for that matter) I lived in places where I never took my shoes off until I climbed into bed--the carpet was that bad. Congrats especially on the new job--you earned it girl!

  4. Congrats on the promotion. That's amazing. And I too am jealous of the new place. Your first apartment sounds a lot like my first apartment.