Monday, August 3, 2009


My brain has been cooked by Summer, so connecting thoughts and paragraphs is way beyond my capacity. The following are some very random half-thoughts I've glimpsed as they've flown in one ear and out the other. Dare not try to make sense of them.

Random Thought #1: What happened to quality???

Several months ago Lindsay mentioned that while shopping at DI with her friend, Nick, she discovered a piece of vintage luggage. She loved it, but Nick laughed at her, so she didn't get it. She later found out that he went back and bought it himself (little sneak). Anyway that got my wheels turning because I happen to have an old set of Samsonite luggage that I received when I graduated high school. Don't was a long time ago. I thought it would make a great birthday present for her July 17th birthday, so I had it cleaned up and gave it to her. I think she really liked it. The photo below shows what it looked like in 1971. My thought is that I can't think of another thing I've owned that long. After all those years that Samsonite still looks pretty good. The inside isn't torn and all the locks work. To compare, the luggage I bought about five years ago looks like Jane Goodall shared it with her apes. It seems that everything I buy today has to be replaced often. Washing machines don't last very long. Furniture wears out more quickly. Even purses and clothes are short-lived. Is it just me or does anyone else miss quality?

Random Thought #2: I made it too easy for my kids, but I got lucky.

I was the only girl and oldest child in my family. Because of that revered position, I did lots of babysitting and lots of housework. I've wondered if my childhood wasn't cut a bit short by all the responsibility I was given. When I had kids of my own, I promised myself that I wouldn't overdo the chores. I didn't. As a matter of fact, I may have overshot my plan. They all had to clean their rooms and help with dishes and trash, but I don't remember them doing yard work or cleaning out the garage or scrubbing bathrooms. I've worried about this. But, somehow they all turned out to be fairly responsible and capable of taking care of themselves and functioning in the world. I think there's a fine line between too much and too little. Childhood is a precious time that cannot be relived so I don't believe there should be too much adult-like responsibility. And, I believe it is in the home that children are taught to be responsible. Hummmmmmm. I think I just got lucky.

Random Thought #3: Never Give Up

I have been the only active member of the church in my family for most of my life. My two brothers were baptized, but were never really involved. My oldest brother, Rick, will turn 50 soon and my younger brother, Rob, is 42. Several months ago Rick had a heart attack and was forced to spend quite a bit of time at home recuperating. As many do when they come face to face with mortality, he started evaluating his life. That led him to read the Book of Mormon. That led to the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Soon, he had read them all including the Old and New Testaments, The Miracle of Forgiveness and Jesus the Christ. Now he's reading the BOM for the second or third time and he's half-way through the biography of President Ezra T. Benson. His conversion is far too personal for me to share, but I can say that angels have intervened. He has experienced miracles and I have had years of prayers answered. I'm glad I never gave up.

Final Random Thought: A weekend with the "girls" is just what the doctor ordered.

I've always had good friends. It's a great blessing....and it saves a lot of time on a psychiatrist's couch. Husbands are great, but women need women in their lives. A few days aways with a bunch of crazy women can cure about anything that ails you. It's the best, least expensive therapy I know.

Such was the case last week. Three of my friends and I left right after church and headed to Newport Beach for a couple days. Equipped with games, Diet Coke, a navigator, and a great driver, we managed to crawl our way to Orange County in about 4 hours. Thanks to the son of my friend, Christina, we stayed in connecting suites at the Marriott for $59 a night! We ate, went to Crystal Cove (a must), played games, went to Balboa Island, ate, went to Fashion Island, ate, played games, and laughed like a bunch of fools. It was just what the doctor ordered and plans are in the making for our next adventure. Thanks, Girlfriends!!!!


  1. First, I'm so glad you are back to blogging. I was just thinking "Where is Pandy?"

    Next--I totally agree on the quality thing. I think that a lot of stuff is made disposeable these days. IKEA furniture is cheap and it looks good for about a year and then it's garbage. I bet Lindsey will use that luggage forever. What a great gift! And if it is white like the picture--I'm beyond jealous.

    As for the chores, I'm the worst at making my kids help. It is just easier to do it myself and granted my kids are young but still...

    The story about Rick is wonderful. You're right-you can never give up on people. I learned this working in YWs but I forget it a lot.

    Finally, YES to girls' trips. I need one right now. I love traveling with Sam and we always have a great time together eating, seeing movies, etc but he is not a shopper. I need to be able to shop with no one looking over my shoulder or sitting in a huff on some bench. Ane I love laughing with friends. Women just understand women. Thank goodness for good friends.

  2. That's so wonderful about your brother. I have a few people I'm holding out hope for and it's nice to hear it might not be in vain.

    And this post made me really want a girl's trip! I have a group of college girlfriends who try to get together every year. It refreshes my soul!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog . . . love it! I love your randomness . . . couldn't miss seeing you every week any more than I do! I completely agree with girl time being a cure for anything. I just lost my only sister a few weeks ago . . . TOTALLY unexpected. I've been in the biggest "slump" of my life and the only thing that seems to perk me up is time with my girl friends . . . nothing say's "cheer up" like a bunch of cackling women being loony.

    Love ya! Keep your witty wisdom coming!!