Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Things to Know About Me

Kelly has already nagged me about posting everyday. She's a blogger groupie, but doesn't have a blog, so I'm not sure she's qualified to make suggestions.

So, here's my subject for today - ME. I'm taking lessons from Brooke.

10 Things You Should Know About Me

1. I'm from North Carolina and Southern blood runs thick in my veins.
2. I'm never happier than when all my "ducks are on the pond".
3. I've been a college teacher for 23 years and still love it.
4. I read, on average, 1-3 novels a week. Only fiction. I live non-fiction.
5. My ultimate vacation is a cruise. No phones, meals 24 hours a day, cabin boys who make my bed and leave me mints, and unending Diet Pepsi delivered to me at poolside. How could it get better???
6. I honestly believe that LAUGHTER is the best medicine.
7. My kids call me Pollyanna. I'm sometimes dangerously optimistic.
8. I credit my religion for almost everything that has brought joy to my life.
9. I have wonderful female friends who have saved me thousands in therapy bills.
10. I have a secret crush on Hugh Jackman.

Ten Things I REALLY Don't Like

1. Looking for stuff
2. Drivers who speed up at yellow lights and leave me sitting at the red
3. Students who give me lame excuses for absenses, late papers, etc. and really
think, after 23 years, that I haven't heard them before.
4. Dishes left in the sink
5. Whining
6. Parents who don't discipline their children
7. A slow computer
8. Emptying the dishwasher
9. Size 12s that are too tight
10. People who don't take responsibility for their own actions

Ten Things Few People Know About Me

1. I have to fight the urge to jump the counter to work the registers at stores
2. One M&M can satisfy my sweet tooth
3. I was a basketball star at Kenworth Elementary in Hickory, NC.
4. I was in Jr. High when the first Black was integrated into my school.
5. I have a secret desire to flash back to the 40's and go dancing in one of those smokey piano bars.
6. I once read an 800 page novel from cover to cover without taking a break.
7. I'm a Southerner who doesn't eat grits, greens, black-eyed-peas, or livermush.
8. I'm in love with a guy named Mitch Rapp. Thank heavens he's a fictional character!
9. I have a serious need for speed. I went motorcycle riding with an ex-Bishop friend (no kidding). When we hit 120 mph I thought I had reached nirvana!
10. While I was in high school, my car got locked in the parking lot of the public library. Seening no other option, I drove it right through the shrubs. I figured facing the police would be much preferred over going home without my car.

Ten Things I Hope to Do Before I Die (Bucket List)

1. Go to Italy
2. Go to Ireland
3. Write a book
4. See my brothers become active in the church
5. See Jon and Lindsay married
6. Fit into size 6 again
7. Get a family photo taken (without the complaining)
8. See Bailey dance on stage
9. Get all the female Warners together for a vacation
10. Get a new hairstyle


  1. I love love love the list. I'm so glad "run a marathon" is not on your bucket list. We really need to do #9 though. Let's make it happen. Oh, and please do post everyday. Also, Kelly if you are reading this--why on earth do you not have a blog???

  2. Brooke, I will start one soon enough, I promise! Right now I live through everyone else's. I would love the vacation, we would have so much fun! Mom, does it matter what Bailey dances to on stage...I am envisioning hip hop. I love the lists. I personally like your hairstyle and am working on the family photo (for a year now.) As far as a photo without complaining, I wouldn't count on it. Driving a car through rebel. Don't you wish that was all I had done! Love you! Thanks for the entry...I will be waiting for the next one tomorrow!

  3. Pandy I love the list. I've been secretly blog stalking since you started your blog. You are very entertaining. I love it that you don't love greens and grits, yuck!! After spending 10 years in the South, I don't like those items either. By the way, I'm with Kelly-I like looking at other blogs, why would I want to start my own.

    On another subject, we've been house hunting in Temecula. We're excited to be closer to San Diego. Maybe we can actually have people over to our house when we get one.