Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Stand Corrected

As I was, once again, writing a post about Bailey, Lindsay came in and said, "You're not really writing another post about Bailey, are you!??? Do you realize you only write about her and you neglect your own kids?" Hummmm. She could be right. I MAY be a tad myopic when it comes to Bai. I can take constructive criticism, however, so I've decided that my next posts will be about my kids...and maybe even Mark. First is Lindsay Nicole. Here are just a few things I love about my Lindz.

In honor of Valentines's Day, I went all out with red placemats and heart shaped naptkin rings at dinner today. (cough, cough) I also made a pathetic heart cake, just to say I did. Lindsay, however, arrived with hand selected candies from her favorite candy shop for everyone in the family. That is Lindsay. She thinks of everyone. She even handed out Barbie Valentines to her friends at Nordstroms. And, they always know they can get a little sugar fix by visiting her candy drawer in Jewelry.

Lindsay is a gift guru. If you want a creative idea for a gift for someone, she's your girl. When you receive a gift from her you know it was selected only after careful consideration - and it will be a perfect match. Even her customers recognize this. She is honest with them, she spends time with them, and she respects them. Recently she was given a letter by a customer listing the many ways she had been helped by Lindsay and thanking her for her professionalism, expertise, and time. I've watched her carry packages out to the cars of older customers. I've seen her run from department to department putting together outfits to match a certain piece of jewelry that someone was buying. She's the top salesperson in her department and several times has had the highest sales in the entire store. Simply said, she is very good at what she does.

Lindsay is the kind of student that I wished filled my classes. I've never had a student like her. She has mastered the art of studying and can patiently spend hours preparing for a test. Her notes are so meticulous that several professors told her she should publish them. It's not especially easy for her. Her grades are a result of incredible effort. She challenges teachers and takes her learning seriously. That means she is either loved or hated in class. I learned a long time ago not to argue with her, not because I couldn't win, but because I couldn't talk louder and longer than her!

Lindsay has been beautiful her whole life. I often wonder how I ever came up with such beautiful kids. I had people offer to pay for a portfolio for her so she could get into modeling - at age 4. Modeling agencies approached her and asked her to model. Just a week ago a perfect stranger walked up to her and told her she was too beautiful to work at Nordstroms and she should be on the runway. I can't imagine having such attention, but she has handled it pretty well throughout her life. She's never been cocky or self-absorbed, and she still looks genuinely surprised when someone compliments her. I admire her for that....and I'm incredibly jealous!

When it comes to cooking, Lindsay is definitely the "go to" girl. I grew up on meat and potatoes, so I have no idea where her gourmet tastes come from. But, she can flat out cook! A couple of Christmases ago I had a dinner party for five of my friends and their husbands. Lindsay created the menu and cooked the entire meal. She even announced and described each course as she served it. The menu included bruschetta with white beans, sun dried tomatoes and basil; a vinaigrette salad with homemade croutons and dressing; phyllo wrapped asparagus; Parmesan crusted chicken; garlic mashed potatoes and creme brule for dessert. It was amazing....and to think she learned it all from the Food Network!

I could go on and on. She was a gifted athlete and still holds a record at her middle school for the 100 yard dash. She's a wonderful aunt to Bailey and a great sister to Kelly. (I'd have to check with her and Jon to see if the same holds true for them. It's a day to day thing.) She thinks nothing of handing $20 over to missionaries walking down the street or anyone else who might be in need. My adult friends love her. She likes to hang out with me and I love to hang out with her.

She has brought great joy to my life and I love her dearly. I sometimes find it hard to believe that she's related to me. However I came to have her in my life, I am grateful. She is a gift.

Note: Please forgive me if this sounds like one of those obnoxious Christmas brag letters. My philosophy is if you don't brag about your kids, who will?


  1. Perfectly said, that's our Lindz!! You are only listing the "good" things, right? HAHA!! Just kidding. I would ditto every single thing you said and could compile my own list. She is one of a kind and I love her with all of my heart.

    p.s. that comment about Bailey and writing another post about her is EMOTIONAL!!!

  2. Lindsay is so much younger than I am, that I don't really know her very well. But you're right, she' gorgeous! All of your kids are. She sounds like the kind of friend/sister that anyone would be lucky to have. I'll have to remember her next time I'm stumped for a gift!

  3. I loved reading this. I totally agree that life is too short not to brag about your kids and more importantly, write stuff like this, so your kids can read it about themselves. Lindsey is absolutely beautiful. Everytime she and Jon would come to dinner at my mom's when they were in Provo, I would just stare at her because she is so gorgeous--tall, thin, beautiful. She is equally as sweet. I can totally see why she does so well at Nordstrom. She is a total people person. I only wish she lived here and could be my personal stylist. Next time she is in town--I am begging and pleading to have her take me shopping and help me find some style. She would be my personal Stacey London. And she owes it to the world to start a blog.

  4. Ditto to what Brookie said. I love those pictures you posted--they are perfect for showing how gorgeous Lindsey is but how she totally doesn't take herself seriously or act stuck up. I wish I could spend more time around her! It was so fun to talk to her at Cam's wedding. She is so sweet and funny. And I love what you said about bragging about your kids. I used to die (still do) when my mom starts bragging, but I have never doubted that I am loved and adored. I once had to ask my seminary students' parents to tell me some nice things about their kids. It boggled my mind that some couldn't think of anything!!! They had to go and think and call me back. And these were great kids! It made me sad, and nervous, because I believe people will seek out those who love them, and it is sure better if that's your parents rather than some gang or the thug at school. Sorry for the tangent, but I appreciate the reminder to profess how great my kids are.

  5. Ummm... Lindsay? Lindsay Warner? Like this is about my sister Lindsay?

    You know mom, from these posts we will be able to tell which one of us kids you love the most!

  6. gong...yeah we will see which one she loves the most...hence why my post is FIRST SUCKAAAAAA!!

    to everyone who responded your all way too nice including my sweet mommma but thank you so much!!

    ps working on my own blog...rumor is i owe it to the world.

  7. Love the post! I agree, if you don't brag about your own kids--who will... Lindsay you are amazing. I am very impressed by your cooking and gifting abilities. I also agree with everyone who commented, that you are so beautiful and genuinely nice.

    Now I have to say that the siblings' comments were classic. Only siblings would say the things they said. Super funny!!

  8. Is it funny to anyone else that in the last picture of Linds on the bridge, there is a sign that says "Load Limit?"

    just wondering...

  9. You're a funny man, Jon!! Be nice or there's no more Snickerdoodles for you.