Saturday, January 3, 2009

About Sons

We all appreciate the money that Mark makes, but in all honesty, it's the perks that really make us smile. For example, thanks to Mark's "hook-ups" he got to sit in a stadium with Jon and 70,000 other people as the Chargers miraculously beat the Colts tonight in a playoff game. I love watching football (and baseball)so I imagine you're wondering why I handed my precious ticket over to Jon. I have to admit that my first notion was to sell it - I think they were going for over $1,500.00. Then, I decided that the thrill that Jon would experience would be worth far more than the money. That's what I love about having a son. Sons are simple. Give them a few tickets to sporting events, a good meal once in awhile, and fridge full of Gatorade and they're happy. For Jon, however, it takes one more thing to get that look of pure bliss. That would be Snickerdoodles. He feels about Snickerdoodles the way Ashley and Brooke feel about Oreos. Except, he can probably challenge their intake by about 2 dozen.

Every Sunday all the kids come over for dinner and there's always some goodie baked after dinner. A couple of Sundays ago, Jon begged for Snickerdoodles, as he does every Sunday, but I was too beat to make them. So, he decided to give it a shot. The results were, shall we say, less than edible, so Jon was sorely disappointed. Being the guilt-ridden Mom that I am, I felt awful. So, today I baked him his Snickerdoodles, put them in a Christmas bag, and sent them to the game with him. Why did I do this?? Because it was simple and it made him happy. Doesn't that about sum up the whole motherhood thing? Seeing our kids happy is our payment for all the hours, days, and years we spend caring for them. It's not a bad payment and I have to admit that as long as I see those happy faces, I'll continue to cater to their funky little vices. It's what mothers do. And we do it forever. And, that's okay.


  1. I have felt guilty about my last comment about how much I love Sammie because I love my sons just as much but in a totally different way. Luke is the easiest child to walk the face of the earth. If I had three Luke's I would be sitting on the couch full time with People magazine and a diet coke. Boys are so easy--and they love their mama. Luke can talk me into just about anything. He is very persuasive and his dimple helps.

    I'm glad you made the snickerdoodles for Jon and I'm glad he got to go to the game. You're a good mom. But I have to say, I'm sure I could out eat him on Oreos. Will I? no. Could I? Definitely. Sam still talks about the Steelers vs. Chargers game in SD--Highlight of his LIFE!

  2. Good work on the late night post! I am impressed. Jon does deserve those cookies...anyone who likes something that much, deserves to induldge or be indulged every once in awhile. He is a good kid! As for the whole son thing...I hope I will get to know, I have one more shot...girls are pretty fantastic though:) (until they turn into teenagers..look out!) And for the record, you are the best mom in the whole world and nothing, I mean nothing, you do goes unnoticed. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I love you!

  3. Pandy, I love every word of this blog! Brooke and I have long said that you would be the perfect blogger, and it's true. You are so hilarious and so poignant all at once! I found myself nodding along to this post--both about how sweet and easy to please boys are, and how endlessly giving my mom is (and no, I don't have her energy--I am lucky to have easy boys because I am laying on the couch letting them run loose way too often!)--and I am also afraid that I could outeat Jon on the Oreos. I have had years of building up resistance to the things. Just give me a fresh bag and a cold coke and about 30 minutes.

  4. Hey Pandy how fun to find you in this crazy world of blog! After reading through all of your posts, I'd have to agree with it all. What a great way to get a glimpse into your head. I've always wondered what was in there (ha ha ha).

    Bailey is too cute. That picture is the first time I've seen her. She looks just like I remember Kelly looking when we were little. I'm sure she's not spoiled at all!

    I think getting all of us crazy Warner girls together is a must! We would have a ball.

    Oh, and one last thing. My Kennedy is a nut! She is simply the wackiest person ever to come to the earth (unless that's my dad or uncles). It's probably best that we stopped when we did!