Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've Always Wondered

Here's a mind expander for you. In a fight to the death who would win....



Just curious.


  1. Is this even a question? Batman. Now, dont get me wrong. I am as big of a fan of Superman as the many, but Superman was never the smartest of Superheroes. He never had to be. He could rely on his super powers to get him through just about anything save it be kryptonite.

    Now Batman on the other hand is a real man. He does not have the opportunity of using super powers. Because of this, he is forced to become the most efficient, wisest, strongest MAN he can be. He can rely in his gadgets and toys, but ultimately, he has to use his Brain to overcome the bad things.

    Because of this, although it would be a battle for the ages, I must tip the cap to Batman.

    If anyone here has seen I am Legend, there is a fake poster for a movie in the future of Superman Vs Batman. Hopefully a sign of the real future. Talk about the most highly anticipated movie of all time.

  2. Great pics again! As far as who would win...who knows. I am lame like that, but I do think that flying has it's advantages, so maybe superman. I will have to think about it.

  3. Batman would win...of course, because Christian Bale is so much hotter than Christopher Reeve. Debate over and done.

  4. Love your logic Sarah. I have to agree.

  5. I don't care who would win. Superman is way hotter.