Monday, January 5, 2009

To All You Experienced Bloggers

So, I managed to change the appearance of my blog - took about 90 minutes - and now I need information. So, here goes.....

1. How do you add photos in the middle of text? Mine always end up on the top.

2. What gadgets should I add?

3. What's a gadget?

4. How do I add followers?

5. How do I add music? Not that I would. Just good info to have.

6. How do I find time to keep this up once my classes begin?

I would appreciate any help you can provide. I'm way beyond being prideful.


  1. I love the background!!! I am sorry I can not help you with anything else. It looks great!

  2. Don't feel bad about not knowing. It took me FOREVER to figure things out, and I still don't know much. Here's what I do know. When you add a picture, it does go to the top. Just click on the picture and drag it to where you want it to go. If you don't get it in the exact right place, drag it again. Does that make sense??

    I know nothing of a gadget so I'm no help there.

    As far as music goes, you have to create a playlist. I'm sure there are several places to do it, but I did it at You can search for the music you want, and when you're done, it will give the a code, and instructions on how to add it to your blog.

    As far as finding time, you're on your own. That's the tricky part, but I will tell you this. I've been writing for a little over a year, and it's so fun to be able to go back and read what was happening just 1 year ago. You don't think you will forget stuff, but you do. I love having the last year in pictures and stories. You can also have your blog printed out and bound into a book. (still trying to figure that all out)

    Hope I've been any help. Please feel free to call or email me any other questions. I'm happy to help if I can. Oh, and I love your back ground too

  3. First of all, I have never made my blog cute like this and have no idea how so I am already impressed.

    My best tip is that when I want to figure something out, I google "how to post a picture using blogger" or whatever, and there is always a very helpful article that pops right up.

    Don't know anything about music . . .

    As for time, you need to cut out other things. Start with cleaning and cooking. Move next to showering, spending time with loved ones, etc. It will come pretty naturally!

    Followers have to add themselves. I added myself!

    Do you have a PC or a Mac? I have a Mac, and couldn't figure out how to do anything on my mom's PC. So you may have to disregard my tips.

    To move pictures, I cut and paste them where I want them. Sometimes I have to click a picture a couple times to get it highlighted for cutting. You can also click on the tab for html (as opposed to compose mode) and cut and paste the code for the picture. Sometimes that's easier.

    Gadgets are just those options you can have on your sidebar. You'll have to just check them out to see what you like. I like to put a few links and lists, polls are fun sometimes, pictures too.

  4. I just read everyone else's comments and I ditto what has already been said. You've seen my blog--it's not cute--Yours is much cuter. The only thing I can speak to is moving the pictures and I do it in Html mode. I cut and poste the mumbo jumbo that is the picure. I have never figured out how to drag and drop pictures. Feel free to call me and I will walk you through it. If I can do it--anyone can do it. I struggle with emailing photos! As for making time--just ignore family, forget cooking, give up on church callings, etc. Actually, the longer you blog, the faster you become. I can crank out posts in 10 minutes. It becomes second nature. Call me if you need help with photos!

  5. I have a PC so if you have a Mac you are on your own.

  6. Thanks for all your great comments. I knew I could count on you. I'll try to inch a little closer to creativity each day. It's not natural, however, so your patience is appreciated.

    One more thing.....I've found several spelling, grammar errors in my posts. This drives me crazy. I should have proofed better. Can a post be changed once it's published? I think that's a stupid question, but I'm not afraid of stupidity!

  7. Mom

    I could tell you. But that would be boring. Plus, it is really entertaining reading everyone else's help tips. Almost as entertaining as it would be watching you trying to figure out what they mean!

    Much Love, all my snickerdoodles are gone. Sad day, rumor has it you wanted to make me more, is that true?

    (I bet you cant make another batch as well as you last ones.... did that work? didnt think so)

  8. PS I changed my posting name so you would know who I am.. just in case.

  9. yes you can edit stuff. Just go into posts, and hit edit posts at the top of the page. You can change to time and date too.

  10. You can also hit the back button once you view your blog and it usually takes you back to the edit page. You fix your mistakes and then hit post again and the new version replaces the old.

  11. Hey.
    1. To edit a post go back into and when your done make sure you hit publish again.
    2. Dragging and dropping the pictures can also upload your photos to Picassa (free) and once uploaded click on the picture and hit EMBED option on the right this will provide you can copy and paste on the EDIT HTML tab in your post (remember to click back to compose to make sure it looks right)
    3. gadgets can be fun adn can be over on page layout in blogger dashboard and play around
    4.As far as time goes...that is tough...but I woudl say when you do have time you can schedule posts for future days or draft them to post when you don't have time (make a few posts one night when you have extra time)
    5.Music, the playlist thing is the only way is is good but remember a lot of people read blogs at work and might not appreciate the music...consider a player that does not auto play thus giving your reader an opportunity to listen if they want to but not because you want them to
    6. Followers do add themselves but to see them on your sidebar you need to add that gadget from the page layout tab in your dashboard...
    7. tmemerson at gmail . com if you want to chat.